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Featured Profile

Mr. Yoram Hauser is the owner of Tzoref Appliances Inc. located in the heart of meah shearim in Israel. Yoram, has been running the business for the past 25 years. He takes great pride in supplying Warm the Needy with heaters...

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Did you know?

  • To date "Warm the Needy" has warmed the hearts and homes of over 2,000 families in Israel, many of whom are orphans and widows.
  • The expense per family is $50 for a heater and $200 towards assitance in paying their electric bills for the winter months.
  • Warm the Needy's network spans many cities all over Israel.

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"I turn to you, my dear and precious brethren, to join as partners with the special "Warm the Needy" chessed organization...The expenses for this program add up to hundreds of thousands of shekels annually. I therefore turn to you to support these devoted individuals and join them in warming the hearts and homes of these unfortunates...May the merit of this special tzedaka and chessed stand by you and your families..."

Yona Metzger
Chief Rabbi of Israel

"In my position as Mayor of Jerusalem I have become personally familiar with the 'Warm the Needy' Organization, and I consider it both a privilege and pleasant obligation to publicly express my thanks and praise for this outstanding organization...Warm the Needy has quickly become known for its noble and lofty humanitarian goal of assisting large families, single parent homes and the elderly by providing heat and warmth for their homes during the cold winter..."

Uri Lupolianski
Mayor of Jerusalem

"It is very heartwarming to hear about the wonderful initiative you have taken. I am very pleased that through the joint effort of Warm the Needy and the Israel Electric Corporation, you are able to help so many needy families. I request that you please give over my gratitude and praise to all the volunteers and supporters of this wonderful organization."

Binyamin Ben Eliezer
Minister of National Infrastructure

"I would like to personally vouch for the wonderful organization, Warm the Needy. Based here, in Jerusalem, under the direction of Hershel Puretz, Warm the Needy assists families by providing heat and electricity during the cold, winter months. It is a great mitzvah to contribute generously to this tremendous cause. May all those who take part in this cause be blessed from the One Above and merit long, successful years."

Rav Ovadia Yosef
Former Chief Rabbi of Israel

"...Warm the Needy answers the bitter cries of these families...it is only with your help that we can help thousands of poverty stricken families brave the bitter winter...In the merit of warming our brethren in Eretz Hakodesh, may the Ribono Shel Olam warm all of Klal Yisroel with the Oroh Shel Moshiach speedily in our days."

Rabbi B Brown, Rabbi N Jaeger, Rabbi M Kotler,
Rabbi Y Perlow, Rabbi Y Reisman,
Rabbi Y Rubin, Rabbi E Wochtfogel,
Rabbi D Weinberger, Rabbi M Weinberger

"We have been made aware of a terrible situation here in Israel. During the winter, many families here have no adequate heating facilities, and even those that do, cannot afford to pay their electric bills...We therefore call on all our brethren...to support and assist "Warm the Needy," founded by R' Hershel Puretz. Your contribution will provide families with radiators and assistance in paying their electric bills. May all those who help be blessed from Heaven."

Rabbi Chaim Pinchus Sheinberg, Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch, Rabbi Shmuel Aurbach

"The Israel Electric Corporation began working with Warm the Needy back in winter of 2005. Together, we have helped thousands of families keep warm during the winter. This winter marks four years of coordinated relief efforts spanning many cities throughout Israel. Warm the Needy activists and IEC officials have developed a renowned and systematic approach that has proven effective in battling the great poverty crisis facing society."

Avi Pedro,
Director of The Collection Department,
Israel Electric Corporation

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