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Featured Profile

Iris Ben-Shachal is the spokeswoman for the Israeli Electric Company in Israel. Warm the needy has been working together with the IEC to subsidize the electric bills of poor families in Israel.

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  • Many of Warm the Needy's recipients have large families as high as 14 children.
  • Staffed by dedicated volunteers, 100% of your donation goes straight toward helping needy families.
  • Impressed by our work, the Israel Electric Company has begun referring us cases of families falling behind in their payments.

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In the Press

Feb 01, 2010:
Warm the needy distributes blankets in Jerusalem

Feb 23, 2009:
Warming Israel's Needy Families (www.jewishpress.com)

Feb 01, 2008:
Aliyah Update: It's Cold Here! (mysticalpaths.blogspot.com)

Jan 27, 2008:
The Heartwarmer (www.aish.com)

Jan 24, 2008:
To Have And Have Not (www.thejewishweek.com)

Jan 24, 2008:
Warming the Needy is a full time job (www.jpost.com)

Warm the Needy helps over 2,000 families in 2006 (05.06.07 from Hamodia Newspaper)

Interview with the Israeli Electric Company. Watch the Video

Interview with the Israeli Electric Company (Text version)

"Winter in Israel" from http://muqata.blogspot.com/2007/12/warm-needy.html


Jerusalem, Israel:
Jerusalem came to a standstill this morning as the city was blanketed with the much anticipated snow. With schools closed and businesses open sporadically, people for the most part huddled in doors to take cover from the harsh conditions outside...

Minneapolis, Minnesota:
This past Chanukah, Warm the Needy teamed up with the Torah Academy of Minneapolis to raise funds to help thousands of needy Israelis...students raised over $2,000 for the cause.

Jerusalem, Israel:
On her recent visit to Israel, Lisa ... raised the possibility of donating a large quantity of fleece to be turned into blankets.

Calabasas, California:
After hearing about Warm the Needy and its heroic activities, an international forwarding customs agent in California has agreed to assist Warm the Needy in shipping blankets, materials, and supplies from the United States to Israel at cost price.



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