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Featured Profile

The Eliyahu family finds itself in dire straits. Mrs. Eliyahu suffers from diabetes and requires a lot of care, resulting in her inability to work. Additional expenses accrue from the schooling and therapy of their special needs child.

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  • One in three children in Israel go to sleep cold at night.
  • Thousands of children in Israel get chronicaly ill each winter due to lack of adequate heating.
  • In July and August of 2007 alone, electricity rates rose 13%.

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Jerusalem, Israel:

snow in jerusalem

Jerusalem came to a standstill this morning as the city was blanketed with the much anticipated snow. With schools closed and businesses open sporadically, people for the most part huddled in doors to take cover from the harsh conditions outside. Children relished the weather and could be seen playing joyfully in the snow building snowmen and pelting each other with snowballs.

Warm the Needy, in advance of the weather’s downturn, distributed hundreds of heaters to poor families to protect them from the harsh elements. Working hand in hand with activists across the country, Warm the Needy has helped thousands brave the cold spell and keep healthy.

Mrs. F., a mother of a large family stated boldly, “Warm the needy has enabled my family to stay warm and healthy this winter season. Thank you for your kindness.”

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