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Featured Profile

The Eliyahu family finds itself in dire straits. Mrs. Eliyahu suffers from diabetes and requires a lot of care, resulting in her inability to work. Additional expenses accrue from the schooling and therapy of their special needs child.

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  • One in three children in Israel go to sleep cold at night.
  • Thousands of children in Israel get chronicaly ill each winter due to lack of adequate heating.
  • In July and August of 2007 alone, electricity rates rose 13%.

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Interview with the Israeli Electric Company

Hi, my name is Iris Ben Shachal. I am the spokesperson for the Israeli Electric Corporation in Jerusalem , and I am also the community manager here. I have only warm words to say for "Warm the Needy". The partnership between us is special. Together, we try to help those children, those families who cannot afford to pay their electric bills to warm their houses, especially during the winter in Israel . This organization is doing a great job; a real mitzvah and I wish them much success so that they can continue doing this wonderful job, warming the homes of those who cannot. And together, our joint effort will accomplish a very important goal – maintaining a warm home for children coming home from the cold outdoors. We are giving them the basic comforts of life that we all enjoy.

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