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Featured Profile

The Eliyahu family finds itself in dire straits. Mrs. Eliyahu suffers from diabetes and requires a lot of care, resulting in her inability to work. Additional expenses accrue from the schooling and therapy of their special needs child.

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Did you know?

  • One in three children in Israel go to sleep cold at night.
  • Thousands of children in Israel get chronicaly ill each winter due to lack of adequate heating.
  • Warm the Needy helped over 1,000 families in 2006.

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Debra's story

Debra is a single mom who needs help to cover the most basic expenses like rent and food. Her three children often go hungry, and the electricity is constantly being turned off leaving them in the dark. Living in a musty, basement apartment without windows is something they can come to terms with, but the terrible, biting cold is too much to bear.

Last year, Debra was diagnosed with a benign tumor on the brain that had to be surgically removed. When she was released from the hospital, weak and afraid, she found her children huddled in the cold, dark apartment. Once again the electricity had been shut down.

Desparately, Debra turned to the local activists in her community, and explained her plight. Warm the Needy quickly installed heat into the apartment and ensured that the electric billed be covered, bringing relief to the children who no longer worried about being left alone in the damp, unlit apartment.

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